Brand Repair

Review, refresh, revive!
Brands can get tired, lose energy, feel dated.
A correctly updated brand will enliven the marketplace,
reinvigorate a category, and increase sales.

Salmolux Sea Passion:
Salmolux sales were tepid, with little new interest from the marketplace. The entire was line repositioned with a proprietary sub-brand name, “Sea Passion.” The product window was given primacy, the delicious fish cuts shown against the defining edges of a category ribbon, and further emphasized by the overlapping brand frame. The typography triangulates for a stately, simple reading order, and the package features added depth and complexity courtesy of a romantic painting of fishing boats on the tide. Importantly, the original package color scheme, a cheerful harmony of yellow and blue, was retained and re-emphasized in the new format.

Lundberg Family Farms:
Family Farms is the most successful, all-natural rice producer. Their extensive line is carried in all kinds of grocery, with incredible market penetration. Recently, competitors began presenting vertical pouch bags, which showed very well at retail, while Lundberg’s original package format featured flat bags that stacked on lower shelves – not ideal for display. We reworked the Lundberg line, creating a vertical pouch format with an unusual placement of the logotype – in the bottom 1/3 of the bag. The logo and its flanking “communication ribbon” create a continuous brand on the shelf – a definitive “Lundberg” favorite offering, while igniting interest in a new audience of quality-conscious modern shoppers.

Bella Sun Luci:
Bella Sun Luci makes the world’s best sun-dried tomatoes! Just ask Safeway and Costco, where these products are best sellers. We formalized the logotype, with custom lettering and a decorative illustration that frames a central information panel. The words describing the category, “Sun Dried” are given primacy, and each product is identified by a jewel-tone color that contrasts pleasantly with the bright red tomatoes. Metallic ink and eight-color flexographic printing create surface interest. The packages gain impact when seen as a group, a fact that encourages shoppers to buy the entire set.

Grant’s Select Porter:
Grant’s sales had diminished. Retailers asked for a paradoxically fresher, yet familiar, look. We added depth and clarity to the original oval emblem with detailed hand lettering, oil paintings to replace the original line drawings, and a more emphatic “Grant’s” signature. The packages remain flavor and color-coded, a distributor’s request which produces continuity with the previous line look. Research shows that, in the now established craft ale marketplace, drinkers are primarily loyal to a particular beer style. Thus, here, the variety (“Porter,” for example), is given new-found emphasis.

Brown & Haley’s Almond Roca:
Brown & Haley candies, especially its hero brand, Almond Roca, have been favorites for one hundred years. The occasion of the introduction of a new flavor, the rich and succulent Dark Chocolate Roca, was deemed the ideal moment to re-approach the packaging design. The familiar pink of the Almond Roca box and canisters remains strongly present, if slightly subordinated to the “waterfall” effect of a central flavor panel. This device allows each variety to immediately announce its uniqueness, while remaining part of a colorful phalanx of flavor offerings. This panel approach also creates a form that, owing to its verticality, is uniquely visible at great distances on store shelves. The result of the redesign is a dramatic introduction of the new flavor coupled with a substantial boost in business for the entire line.

Willamette Egg Farms:
Brown eggs are traditionally sold as a commodity – slightly more exotic than white eggs, but not exactly special. For Willamette Egg Farms we branded the brown egg program, creating a family look that incorporates a “specialty food” image of farm-direct, homespun goodness, all married with unique health and sustainability claims. The new Cage Free, Omega 3, Vegetarian Fed and Organic brown eggs enliven the egg case and fetch a handsome premium. The new look was so successful that we were asked to apply the design to a suite of twelve products.